Blog Metrics

Domain authority is an important metrics that indicates the strength of the blog. Higher the domain authority, the stronger the link it will send to your site. Now here, you need to note that just high DA is not good enough. You need check and match the niche of the blog with your site. Suppose a site has a high domain authority (say 60) and the blog is on fashion or lifestyle. If you are looking for promoting a site on home decoration, it may not be a good idea. So, beside DA value, you should look for other indicators like niche relevance as well trust flow of the site or whether the site is penalised or not.

Page authority is an important metrics that indicates the strength of the blog.

Trust Flow is an important metrics that indicates the strength of the blog.

Link Building

Beside high domain authority, you need to look at other important metrics as well. Even blogs penalized by Google may have high domain authority. Domain authority is computed by Moz. While SEO value of link from a blog is assessed by Google. But yes, in general high domain authority is a necessary quality of a good blog. But that is not definitely sufficient at all. You need to ensure that the site is not penalized or de-indexed. You need to ensure that the site is relevant to your business niche; the site has high trust flow. Even better metrics is tropical trust flow. Tropical trust flow is niche wise trust flow metrics computed by Majestic. So, if you site is an ecommerce site on fashion items, a blog with high TTF on fashion is much valuable than sites with tropical trust from other niche.

Order Placement & Tracking

Our client dashboard provides a real time status update. You must already have an account to our client dashboard. Its easy, simple and secure.
This provides a very easy way to keep in constant touch with your outreach team. To check status update any time, just login and go to the live URLs of the concerned order. All your orders are updated as soon as there is any progress to report. If 4 of the 6 posts are live, you can expect the 4 live URLs showing up against your order while showing order status still "WIP". This will marked "complete" as soon as all the posts are live.

We will strongly advise you to register to our system and then place an order. There are several advantages in that. When you register to our system, you will provided an excellent client dashboard where you will get
1.all details of all your orders and real time updates on your orders.
2. you will get direct access to your support team and send emails via system and get almost immediate responses. Emails could be related your orders, keywords and target URLs or change in them, general questions, doubts etc.
3. Once an individual order is completed, your order will be marked complete and you can check the report of URLs from within your dashboard. You do not need to send follow emails etc. In fact, we will update the live URLs as and when we make them live. So, you will get a "work in progress" status as well. Once complete, you can copy the URLs and keep records in your favorite way. In fact, you will have all the orders and the live links kept in your dashboard for unlimited time. You can come and refer to them anytime you wish.
4. For our existing customers, we will provide quality checks by ensuring they do not order same blogs for same website. Our system will flag that for you. So, having the history links in our system will provide such benefits.
5. Not only that, system will suggest suitable blogs matching your business niche using our database information.